Vancouver Rental Listings Websites

I was considering moving and was searching
for a list of websites for finding rentals.
I found these sites helpful….
Here is the list… hope it helps you!

(Note: Please be careful about Craigslist and other scams –
asking for info so they can build a social profile,
or asking you to e-transfer money and
they’ll send you the keys because they are a
minister/military person out of town to help a friend)

Websites – Vancouver Listings

Vancouver Craigslist – Click on Real-estate, then rentals

Facebook Groups

Try Searching in

Facebook Marketplace

or for

“Rentals in surrey”

“Rentals in Vancouver” 

“Rentals in Burnaby”  

“Rentals in Richmond”

“Rentals in New Westminster”

Rentals in North Vancouver

Rentals in West Vancouver

Rentals in Coquitlam

Co-op Listings

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