Principles of Synchronism

While I was travelling in Cambodia I took a day tour to the Phnom Kulen Waterfall, an ancient healing site. My guide Ryat, stated that he was a Synchronist, meaning he pulled many lessons from various religions.   While riding on the bus I felt deeply inspired and wrote these notes….  I felt the strong presence of a friend who had passed a year ago. I felt like he was talking to me from another dimension, providing guidance.  I now call myself a Synchronist.

April 30 2023

Synchronism:  The combination of all religions into one collective experience of spirituality


  1. I value all religions and beliefs.
  2. I love all gods and sources of co-creation  and inspiration.
  3. I see the value and shortcomings of various religions without judgement.
  4. I respect people’s choices to believe what they believe.
  5. I feel free to choose for myself and expand my beliefs over time without shame for my previously limited beliefs.
  6. I recognize the power religion has had to control people.
  7. I recognize that some institutions are not the same now as when I experienced them in my younger years.
  8. In approximately 100 years, there will be all new people on this planet. I pray for all the people from the past, here now, and for future generations.
  9. I forgive past generations while working to reverse the effects of trauma of my past 7 generations that they did not chose to experience.
  10. I practice active appreciation and unrewarded kindness.
  11. I work to shine light on inappropriate treatment of myself and life forms.
  12. I possess and practice the courage to be present and listen deeply and truly see myself and all those I encounter on my and their journey.
  13. I embrace both vulnerability and strength in myself and others.
  14. I learn to recognize people who are safe to be with and avoid dealing with those who might bring me harm.
  15. I accept my human experience of polarities: positive, negative; happiness, sadness; grief, joy; humour, seriousness; feminine, masculine;
  16. I rise to a higher consciousness through finding solutions in the creativity of the trinity of the third way. There are at least three sides to every problem and solution.
  17. I find balance between community, collectivism, and my individuality.
  18. I’ve believe that the circle of Life has purpose, that there is something greater than what I observe.
  19. I choose to be hopeful.
  20. I seize and encourage opportunities presented to me and  others.

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