My Healing Art

This feels rather vulnerable to share, but here it goes…

In my healing journey I found that getting emotions out and expressing them in words or in art is a very powerful way to express what is deep inside.

I share these pictures to show how my healing progressed! I do not believe in analyzing the color, nor do I consider myself a visual artist – just a person needed to express inner sense of being.  You can see how my darkness was removed and my happier inner light began to be my dominate feeling.

I encourage you to express yourself. You can do it too!  Just go to a toy store and buy some crayons and go to your dollar store and buy some paper!  Just draw what you feel and let it go! Don’t judge what you draw. Just accept it as what you are feeling at that moment in time. You don’t have to share it, but it can be helpful if you share it with your counselor.


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